Conrie Andel

Kalan's Human Level 5 Cleric, Neutral Good, Folk Hero Background


Conrie Andel is currently 28 years old, 5’8" and 158 pounds. He’s a cleric of Pelor that was from a long line of blacksmiths that splintered before his family moved to the farmlands between Shiverwood forest and Floatsom City, favoring the forest side. His folk hero level of notoriety stems from being a traveling cleric; blessing and tending to the locals for nearly a decade. Given how his childhood home was near the Shiverwood’s border, the second language he picked up was Elven.


“Boy, that might look a sword, but there’s no finesse in your craft.” My father’s word replay in my mind while holding this old hammer. The life before the acolytes came for me, saying I was chosen. Heaping oaths of poverty, celibacy and obedience onto a teenager – it was not taken well at the time. But I learned, it came so easily. It must truly be my calling, even if I have yet to hear Pelor’s voice. Regardless, He must be real else I surely wouldn’t possess the gifts He grants. After returning to my home village with my new craft as a young adult, I had purpose. My aid spread outwards to the adjacent farms and towns. Then further, that I was even recognized then beseeched on one of my many trips to Floatsom City. Those times though… I would prefer not to be recognized.

Conrie Andel

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