The Last Age of our Urth.

“The SunSeers say, when they recount the lore of the world, that there have been four previous ages of the world…. And each so long and long ago, that numbers like hundreds and even thousands of years mean nothing….

They say that the first age was the birth of our world and call it ‘The Age of Dragons’. Dragons were the first creatures to live on the world and they ushered in the vast and fantastic world as we know it from the multitude of possibilities that swill within the eather beyond. But even a dragon has a life span…. And eventually meany of those drew to a close…. But the inheritors of Urth were already in place. While the dragons ruled the earth, another being gained a foothold, and spread like wildfire- Man.

The second epoch of Urth is known as ‘The Age of Man’. With his versatility, his wit, and his mastery of tools man built shining empires of technology and machines. It supposedly lasted thousands of years , but eventually fell in flames of its own making. Many elves and other races lament how sad that the race man could not grow as wise as quickly as its hubris and ambition, and greed did. It is of little doubt that mankind was responsible for their own destruction. And the fire they created to scour the world ushered in the next period.

Many call the third age of the world ‘the age of ice ’ for indeed the world lay frozen and barren- its surface a wasteland and graveyard of testament of past ages. But this is not completely accurate. While the surface was scoured clean of life, the Dragons that had retreated in the previous ages slept in the core of the world. And while they slept, they dreamed! Their dreams crept out from the earths core and began the healing process. The world would live yet again…. But due to the harsh exterior, life began beneath…. The people’s of the underdark thrived. The Drow, the Gnome and Dwarven Kingdoms would rise in the chasms of the world. Most magi now call the third age of the world ‘The Age of Dreams’

The Age of Elves followed the ‘Age of Dreams’. As elves crawled from the earth and began to populate the newly grown surface they forged a bond with the recovering Urth. Where as man had created tools to shape the world, the elves learned to shape the world thru magic. This new power made the elves the masters of the world…. To the envy of the Drow…that had stayed behind and below in the underdark. This envy would doom all the elves- not just the Drow elf that coveted this magic, but the High elf that now refused to share it with his ancestors. To that end , this conflict brought about the beginning of the end- The Last Age of Urth.

The Last Age was officially brought about some two thousand and twelve years ago When the Sun emerged from a magical eclipse no longer the bright and shining orb of golden, life giving warmth….. But as a cooling RED Sun! The magi say that a sun ( our sun is actually a star…. Just like all the stars in the night sky! I Imagine all those stars….. Do you think any of them have worlds like ours that thrive off of their life giving warmth?) anyway, they say that a sun, as it approaches it’s final years turns red. Some say that the end is near and our great red sun will flicker out or even explode tomorrow…. Or sometime soon…. Most say that the end will take as long as any age does- hundreds or perhaps thousands of years.

Who is to say? All I can say, is that If it doesn’t flicker out tomorrow, then I’ll have to find food and water for the day, and perhaps a nice warm bed for the night. I think it’s best not to count on these things like the world ending, for I’d rather die lots of ways other than starvation."

- Jomplin the Journeyman

DM’s note-on July 15th the D&D (5th Edition) starter set will be available at stores , but the ‘core rules’ will be available at for FREE DOWNLOAD. We will have some initial difficulties with character generation as the starter set ONLY goes over 4 classes and 4 races- this may be enough for some, but if not; we’ll try to make expanding our character base easy. (I believe I have some very interesting spins on a few old favorites- I’ve actually never been this excited about ELVES before,)

In the next few days, I will be sending out another e-mail that we can use to start deciding some details like when and where the game will go on! I’d like to start the game about two weeks after the starter set releases- roughly the first week of August.

I’ll also be adding campaign notes and drawings to this site every few days to let you slowly get a feel for the world we’ll be playing in. As you see stuff- please feel free to contribute- I’m only providing the skeleton of an environment… It’ll be up to US to make it an epic game we’ll remember.
-Mark 6/6/14